#1: Know
The Rules
you are playing Blackjack or Baccarat, there are rules that apply to
each and every game in the casino, and since you are putting your hard
earned money at risk, it only makes sense that you know the rules of
the game you are playing. In Blackjack, know whether in this particular
casino the dealer draws or stands on a soft 17 (If they draw, the advantage
is to the casino, if they stand, the advantage is to the player) In
<%rep52%>, there are specific “third card” drawing rules, which
you should know and be aware of, as a dealer’s mistake in drawing could
cost you money!. When playing Craps or Roulette, knowing the payoffs
is very important. The dealers won’t intentionally try to cheat you,
but they are only human, and they do make mistakes. So, if you have
$5 bet straight up on a number in Roulette, know that when you win,
they owe you 75!.!. And when you make place bets or take odds behind
the Pass line in Craps, know just how much you should receive for a
payoff when you win. Remember, it’s your money and your
wager. You have a right to make sure you receive the correct payoff!.

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