Baccarat Games – Terms

Baccarat – A count of zero (0)

Burning the top cards –The practice of dealing the top 3 to 6 cards and discarding them after shuffling before starting play.

Caller – The croupier at the baccarat table that handles the cards.

Commission – The cut (usually 5 percent) that the house takes on winning bank bets.

Coup – bet.

Croupiers – Casino employees who deal the cards, and supervise the betting.

Fading – Placing bets.

La Grande – (“the big one”) a natural with a total of nine (9)

La Petite – (“the little one”) a natural with a total of eight (8)

Loss bet – A bet against the house.

Muck – The 416 cards (8 decks of 52 cards) used, at the beginning of the shuffling process.

Natural – A count of eight (8) or nine (9)

Palette – A long thin wooden paddle that enable thee seated croupiers to transact business at the far reaches of the table.

Pass – Win.

Push – A bet on a hand that ends up a tie. Such bets neither win or lose, and the money simply sits there for the next hand. (unless tie bets are allowed)

Shills – Employees of the casino (usually young good looking women) who play at a table only to attract other players to the table.

Shoe – An automatic dealing device that eliminates any accidents in the dealing.

Shooter – Another term for the bank.
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